To advocate all levels of Government to improve planning outcomes and achieve more environmentally sustainable, ecologically sound and liveable environments for our communities. 


  • Monitor planning matters on the Central Coast to promote the protection of our environment and enhance the Central Coast’s built, historical and natural attributes.

  • Undertake lobbying, advocacy and community engagement to successfully achieve the aims of our vision statement.

  • Encourage community involvement in planning matters.


Objectives and Actions

  • To prepare and lodge submissions on all planning proposals that are of concern to the community.

  • To ensure population growth is sustainable and enriches our quality of life, not diminishes it.

  • To promote and protect the Coastal Opens Space System (COSS); biodiversity, wetlands, ridge lands, vegetation, wildlife corridors, waterways, coastline, beaches, agricultural lands and water catchments.

  • To include climate change considerations in all planning proposals.

  • To protect residential amenity by encouraging consideration of noise, traffic and other nuisance which may impact upon people’s quiet enjoyment of their homes.

  • To encourage developments to address infrastructure, transport links, parking, local character, cultural issues and are all inclusive & accessible to all people regardless of their age/ability.

  • To retain pockets of suburban bushland.

  • To work with “First Nations” people to protect traditional heritage.

  • To alert the community to planning proposals of significance and encourage/support community involvement through publicity and education.

  • To encourage all levels of government and the planning panels to allow greater community involvement.

  • To protect the agricultural land and water catchments by ensuring no urbanisation west of the M1 Motorway.