The Central Coast Council has a policy governing the removal of trees.



tree policy

Generally, residents need to make application for approval to remove trees.

There are certain exemptions to this rule that are explained on Council’s website eg “10/50 Vegetation Clearing Code of the Rural Fire Service of NSW”.


fire service website


It is advised that residents read the conditions on the Council’s web site prior to completing an application form to remove or heavily prune a tree on their property.

Fees & charges are associated with the application at the time of submitting the form.

Key conditions of the policy include:

  • Nuisance matters will not generally be approved as a reason for tree leaf drop, fruit fall, solar access, minor root creep
  • The trees must not be part of a vegetation community.
  • A comprehensive tree replacement planting proposal to offset the removal of the tree if removal is approved

The Pre-Tree Works Application Check List will assist in identifying the key issues residents will need to identify prior to making a submission.